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Business Instructor
Title:Business Instructor
Salary Range:N/A


Provide instruction and assist students in successful completion of their training based upon the prescribed curriculum. In addition, Faculty are responsible for developing daily lesson plans, maintaining communication with students, and providing prompt feedback on student progress.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following:
Report to class 15 minutes prior to specified time and date, and facilitate class for the entire scheduled period.  Must be fully prepared for each class and familiar with all relevant software and text material.  Projects voice in a clear, audible, and professional manner.
Create a learning environment where students are valued and encouraged to learn.  Comments to the students are phrased in a positive, constructive manner, highlighting both strengths and areas of improvement needed.
Monitor and evaluate the students’ work against stated learning outcomes and works with the students so that a full achievement level is attained.  Grades and returns all assignments and assessments for student review within 24 hours.
Email Student Services and faculty supervisor immediately when students are falling behind due to attendance and/or lack of understanding and need further intervention.
Communicate with the Student Services and faculty supervisor regarding failing and/or absent students to assist with creating success plans.
Maintain student grades and document in Diamond SIS on a daily basis. Finalize grades as directed by Registrar.
Complete Mid Term Advising forms for each student half way through each scheduled course. Counsel students on their academic progress in the course and give guidelines for improvement when necessary.
Lead and conduct lectures and labs in accordance with the daily course schedule and lesson plans. Provide students with an understanding of how they will use the course material in a work environment by listing 3 daily learning objectives and 3 questions that relate to content on the white board.
Maintain contacts with industry employers to stay current on training needs and industry developments. Conduct bi-annual employer interviews and submit Employer Contact Forms to the Director of Education. 
Communicate student or classroom issues to Supervisor. Monitor daily Student Attendance and contact absent students by telephone. Email Student Services Department, and Supervisor daily with results of student contact due to absence. Document contact efforts in Diamond SIS.
Provide continuing written and verbal feedback to students regarding their academic and behavioral performance.
Monitor students currently on probation and provide additional assistance (i.e. tutoring) to ensure academic success. Follow student success plan and follow up with Student Services if necessary.
Assist in maintaining classroom software and learning resources. 
Ensure a professional work environment and safety in the classroom as it relates to OSHA regulations if applicable.
Ensure a professional work environment in the classroom. Enforce dress code policy, classroom rules, and professional behavior expectations. 
Classroom is clean and organized at all times.
Submit lesson plans to supervisor in the event of absence
Mandatory participation in weekly faculty meetings, scheduled in-service meetings, and graduation ceremonies. 
Participate daily in Real Time Attendance (RTA) – post a list of absent students outside the classroom door within the first 15 minutes of class.
Provide new instructors with training and learning methodologies practiced at Career Quest Learning Center. 
Provide faculty support when needed due to absences for classes or labs.
Maintain in-depth knowledge of current curriculum and obtain industry certifications as determined necessary by the institution to become competent and skilled in the courses taught.
Be fully prepared for every class with knowledge of the day’s lecture, all necessary supplies, materials, and real-life application exercises.
In addition to instructor responsibilities, perform other duties on a regular basis as assigned. 
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